Lisa Eldridge’s True Velvet Lipstick Collection Review

December 8, 2018

What it is

Lisa Eldridge’s long-awaited first makeup collection – a limited edition of three matte red lipsticks called “True Velvet”:

Velvet Ribbon – A universal, classic neutral/blue red.

Velvet Morning – A bright orange/red.

Velvet Jazz – An earthy, brick red.

The price

£25 for one lipstick, £75 for all three – along with a velvet makeup bag (also sold separately). 

Where to get

Get it here. The first edition sold out very quickly, but more stock is expected soon. Also, Lisa ships internationally!

My thoughts

I bought the Velvet Ribbon and Velvet Morning lipsticks thinking that on my olive skin tone, the Velvet Jazz would look too dull and lifeless. 

Let’s start with how stunning the lipsticks are, starting with the chic, classic gold packaging, continuing with the truly unique effect that Lisa has created: a surface velvety texture on the actual bullet makes it look like the lipstick is made out of velvet!

I love the twist that Lisa gave to her line – for me, the attention to these small details makes a big difference.

 As a graphic designer, I have to mention Lisa’s monogram, which is smart and so so chic. It’s also super important to mention that her lipsticks are 100% cruelty free!

Here you can see the beautiful velvet effect

The formula:

Super pigmented, you get a very intense color in one swipe and a matt, but not flat, finish – it has a slight sheen to give it a fresh and healthy look. The lipstick feels lightweight on the lips, as well as being very creamy and it doesn’t dry out. I actually felt like my lips looked fuller than usual. 


I wore Velvet Ribbon from 14:00 until 20:00. I ate and drank without thinking how it would affect the lipstick. What I saw after these six hours was that I still had quite a lot of product on my lips and the lipstick wore off evenly from my lips, without leaving these ”concentrated” spots.

Velvet Morning on the left, Velvet Ribbon on the right
Velvet Ribbon
Velvet Morning
Velvet Morning is super bright so I tried to tone it down by using Velvet Morning only in the center and Velvet Ribbon in the corners of the lips. I like the result 🙂
Velvet Ribbon as a stain. This is how I would wear it during the day.
Velvet Ribbon after wearing it for six hours

Will I add it to my makeup bag? 

Oh, yes.  

December 3, 2018